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Finding Restaurants That Need an Online Ordering Platform

Finding Restaurants That Need an Online Ordering Platform

At BizOpp Zone, our goal is to empower people all over the country to take their lives into their own hands by starting their own independent businesses and becoming their own boss. We offer several different toolsets which provide people with a robust set of resources that allows them to start their own business.

One of the most popular by far is OrdersIn, a toolset that you can use to sell online ordering services to local restaurants in your area. Many people have found great success finding restaurants who need this service, and using our platform to provide it to them. This is a business unto itself, and as you find more and more restaurants to sell to, you might just find yourself with a new, high paying, full-time job!

But there’s one big question — how do you find restaurants who could benefit from the service? OrdersIn won’t do anyone any good if they can’t find someone to sell to, so we’re here to provide some tips on how to develop an eagle eye for businesses in need of your sales pitch.

Here are some factors to consider when you’re seeking out restaurants that could benefit from OrdersIn.

Location, Location, Location

One big consideration you should have is location, because this could have a profound effect on who frequents the restaurant in question. Different demographics have different purchasing habits, so one key trick is to know which ones are prone to ordering online, and which ones aren’t. Consider the following two examples, and how their demographics might affect online ordering.

Good: College Towns

One good place to scout for restaurants is near a college campus. Not only do college areas tend to have a lot of restaurants, they’re also filled to the brim with young adults. Why does this work to your advantage? Well, young people tend to be more savvy with this whole “internet” thing, and a large percentage of them are already accustomed to making orders online, whether it’s through the laptop they’re doing their homework on, or their smartphone.

Students also tend to have pretty busy schedule. If they’re not living it up with their friends, they’re probably pretty busy with schoolwork, so it’s a time-saver for them as well.

Not So Good: Rural Areas

While we encourage you to seek out any and all restaurants that could benefit from online ordering, let’s just say that there are better regions you could start your search in than rural ones.

Admittedly, one upside to rural restaurants is that a lot of them might not yet be set up with online ordering. Rural communities tend to live a less rushed lifestyle and aren’t as concerned with all the digital breakthroughs that are happening in the world. On the other hand, for this very same reason, a lot of patrons are totally fine and content with going to the restaurant themselves and ordering in person.



The biggest thing you have working against you in rural areas is distance. When restaurants are spaced out much farther from people’s homes, online ordering becomes less of a priority. This is because the very act of going to a distant restaurant is a time commitment unto itself. If you’ve already committed to taking the time to drive there, then the extra time it takes to order in person probably isn’t going to be a huge deal.

Contrast this to an urban area, where online ordering allows you to order something remotely, drive (or walk) a short distance, and immediately return. The entire trip can take less than ten minutes depending on your location, and that’s a big draw for a lot of people.

Find Local Restaurants

Another thing you want to look out for are restaurants which are local. “Local” can be flexible in its definition, but we’re mainly talking about companies that aren’t part of a national chain. Most local restaurants are just singular entities, though sometimes they grow enough to have multiple locations in your region.

Don’t be scared away if you hear the word “chain.” Local chains can actually be extremely profitable to your online ordering business, because they often provide multiple locations without being bogged down by corporate influence. It’s when chains start spanning across multiple states that you start to see the red tape of big business get in the way.

Local restaurants are great because they don’t have deep pockets and corporate managers backing them. They’re self-made and in charge of their own marketing and operation. For this reason, you’re likely to find many local restaurants that haven’t yet invested in an online ordering platform, or even a website at all.

If you walk up to a massive chain, the odds are overwhelmingly against you. They probably already have their own website and platform already, and if they don’t, it’s probably not up to the manager of that specific location to make the call on such a decision. Franchisees have a little more freedom, but overall, your odds are going to be better on a local scale.

Do They Already Have Online Ordering?

Of course, the biggest question you need to ask with any restaurant is, “do they need online ordering?” But the answer to this might not be as simple as you think — some restaurants could use a new online ordering platform, even if they already have one.

That’s right — if you find out they’re already set up with an online ordering platform, don’t give up just yet. There are a variety of reasons why OrdersIn could actually be a much better system for them.

On this page, we’ve listed a variety of reasons why OrdersIn beats the competition. We invite you to read the article in full, but to summarize here, some of the perks are as follows:

  • Instantaneous: Most of the competition makes restaurants wait two to four weeks to get their funds. For a local business who is already cash-strapped, you can bet they’d prefer to have a platform like OrdersIn that pays them instantly.
  • Autonomous: With OrdersIn, restaurants will have their own logins that allows them to have full control over their online ordering. With other platforms, they surrender more control to the provider.
  • Pricing: Other online platforms have the overhead costs of large corporations. OrdersIn has an independent model that significantly cuts operation costs, paying you more and charging restaurants less. It’s a win-win for everyone.

Due to these factors and many others, you may very well be able to outsell other competitors, even if they’re already functional in the restaurants you visit. Don’t give up hope! We have every bit of confidence in OrdersIn, and you will too when you see just how much it can help a single restaurant.

Start Your Own Business With OrdersIn Today

Are you ready to become your own boss and start your own independent business? While we will be providing you with the tools and resources you need, you will very much be running your own branded business where you will have full autonomy over prices and operation.



Now that you know how to find good restaurants, sign up with OrdersIn to get your business rolling! Not only will you be helping local businesses in your area, you will be creating one of your own. Sign up for OrdersIn today, and be sure to contact us if you have any questions!