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Why Every Business Needs an App

Why Every Business Needs an App

With every day that passes, there are innovations being made in the world which affect all kinds of businesses, large and small alike. With the advent of the smartphone and its ubiquitous presence in the pockets of just about every American, mobile apps have become a staple to small businesses.

At BizOpp Zone, our mission is to empower people to be their own boss and pursue new business opportunities by providing them with incredible toolkits that give them everything they need to start their own business. One such toolkit that we sell is the Motiply Partners program, which allows you to create apps for local businesses — a service that will be a small business unto itself.

If you sign up for Motiply Partners, you’re going to need to know how to sell apps to businesses. Here are some reasons why every business in 2019 needs a mobile app.

It’s an Expectation

At this point in time, it’s more or less expected for businesses to have a mobile app. It’s so common these days that many potential customers might search for a business’s app before they do anything else. If it doesn’t exist, they have to take extra steps to find out what the business’s website is. If they have to take multiple steps to learn more about the company in question, they might lose interest. Having a mobile app is one of the first steps to retain the attention of those who are interested in your business!

It’s an Information Hub

The other big advantage to mobile apps is that it allows a business to cleanly and efficiently display all of their information in one handy place. This is useful for a variety of reasons — restaurants can display their menu in a way that’s easy to read, while service-based businesses such as spas and lawyers can provide a basic breakdown of their services. This is all done in a way that’s mobile-friendly, which means that users won’t be straining their eyes trying to read a website that’s not optimized for smartphones.

It Increases Exposure

With every website that exists, there’s something called “search engine optimization” (SEO) which is essentially a combination of factors that determine how well the website ranks in search engines. A website with better SEO is more likely to be found organically by people who are searching online.



In a similar vein, apps have SEO value as well, and can actually increase people’s exposure to the business. If you provide a business with a well-made, functional app, it could actually lead to people discovering that business through the app store on their phones, whether they’re using Apple or Android. And what kind of business would say “no” to increasing their exposure to the general public?

It’s Affordable

We don’t want to be misleading here — apps can be quite costly depending on who’s making them. But if you’re the one doing the selling via Motiply Partners, you have complete control over pricing! Our toolset allows you to run your own branded business, where you have autonomy over your prices and products. That means you can get as competitive as you want! If you want to undercut other app makers in your area, you can charge less, or you can increase it if demand is high! Either way, it’s your business. And as such, you have the power to make it affordable to your clients.

Be Your Own Boss With Motiply Partners

We believe that the best business opportunities are the ones which result in positive outcomes for everyone involved. By signing up for Motiply Partners, you can run your own independent branded business, while also offering an extremely valuable product to other local businesses in your area in the form of mobile apps. You don’t need to have any experience to use our app creator — it’s that easy! Ready to pursue this new business opportunity? Sign up for Motiply Partners today!